Thursday, April 01, 2010

Parcels Ahoy! - from Emmy's Boos and Rawrs

I mainly wear make-up in the cooler Winter months. Surveying my make-up drawer at the beginning of last Winter I realized it needed an overhaul. My daughter had snagged most of the good stuff and I was left with few a lipsticks and eyeliner.

Luckily Emmy's Boos and Rawrs blog held a giveaway of samplers from Mineral Basics.

My prize arrived in a beautiful little bag

Mineral Basics offers a full range of mineral foundation, colour make-up and finishing powders.

I chose a sample of each as well as a range of eye shadow colours.

The samples I received

My daughter and I spent a fun weekend trying out the make-up and discovering our favourite colours. The powder felt as smooth as silk on our skin and even after several hours of experimenting with various colour combinations and foundation the make-up caused no irritation.

Now I am looking to the Mineral Basics site to improve my make-up collection with their primer powder, several items from their brush collection and I am particularly drawn to their neutral eye make-up kit.

Visit Emmy's Boos and Rawrs blog for more fantastic reviews and giveaways.

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