Thursday, August 05, 2010

Parcels Ahoy! from Literary Escapism

Reader be warned!!

Although I will keep this blog post PG the book itself is most definitely for over 18s only.

It is not suitable for minors, members of the anti-smut brigade or people suffering from high blood pressure or a heart condition!


A little while ago I won an e-book from Literary Escapism. LE is an interesting website that reviews a wide range of fantasy and paranormal fiction.

I had never read paranormal erotica so when LE interviewed Teal Ceagh my curiousity was ignited and I was lucky enough to win one of her e-books: Beth’s Acceptance.

Beth's Acceptance by Teal Ceagh

As I said this was my first encounter with erotic fiction and within the first pages there were such steamy scenes I was glad to be in a room on my own. And it got steamier and steamier....

The storyline doesn’t have a lot of room to develop in such a short novella and soon our main protagonist, a human woman named Beth, becomes aware that there are paranormal creatures in this world ,including vampires, elfs and some other scary beasts who attack her.

She also discovers she is part of an ancient prophecy and as part of this prophecy she develops a connection with two mysterious and gorgeous men who until now have been elusive, if arousing, figures in her life. Normally they would be enemies and the relationship taboo but they are drawn together by the prophecy and strengthen their connection in several rather inventive, erotic scenes.

Due to the shortness of the novella I found the storyline a little thin with minimal character and plot development and an unresolved ending which left me stranded. However the erotic scenes were definitely Teal Ceagh’s forte. Hot and inventive she doesn’t weigh down the scene with too much flowery prose or idle chit-chat but creates explicit interactions that leave little to the imagination.

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