Friday, February 26, 2010


A little while ago I encountered an Etsy shop with art that captivated my imagination, prints that seemed deceptively simple but on a second glance swirled organically across the paper - mysterious and mystical.

My Favourite - Soulmate Tree

There is quite a varied range of Doodles and mediums

Handpainted Wooden Beads

Doodled Rock

Black Flowers Papercut

Rain Fish Collage

There is also some beautiful Judaica. These prints would make lovely wedding or anniversary gifts.

Heart Tree

Ani Le Dodi

Magic Bird Town Hamsa

House Blessing

If you would like to try and win one of Doodlage's print follow the giveaway link in this post.

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  1. Hi! Nice post, I especially love the Magic Bird Town Hamsa..defo gonna check out some of these shops! i found you on a search for organic doodle swirly etsy or something to that effect! glad I did :) I think you might appreciate one of my prints? Sorry to link but - :) i use the words organic swirly and etsy a lot too lol.. Nice to meet you!


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