Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Parcels Ahoy!

So anyone who knows me knows I love receiving personal mail especially parcels.
Before the advent of email I was quite a voracious letter writer and received a decent amount of letter and note-cards in return.
However since email has become the cheaper, easier alternative my post box has become a wasteland of utility bills and junk mail enlivened only by a few cards at Christmas and the occasional postal surprise.
That was until I discovered the world of internet giveaways. As first I was disappointed as they seem to be restricted to the US or maybe Canada but after another look around I found several international giveaways. I signed up a for a few.
Imagine my delight when I opened my email one morning to discover I won something!
I'd won this gorgeous Vera Bradley jewelery case from Secret Suburb Society.
Isn't it gorgeous?
Thank you to the Secret Suburb Society.

If you would like to join a similar giveaway check the next post.

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